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Hepaticas open the season!

Slack Top nursery is now open, and Hepaticas are in full flower. We’ve got several very good forms including our own ‘Cobalt’ (a very dark blue) and var. rubra (a near red one). They make ideal plants for light shade, and are also lovely for containers or a cold greenhouse.Olsynium douglasii (also on sale) is one of our earliest plants to flower - it looks delicate but it grows wild in N. America so is quite at home in the UK. It steadily increases from year to year, producing pendant purple bells which move in the slightest breeze. We’ve also got an unusual white form. Another star of the alpine show this month is Primula marginata - flowering now with its fragrant lavender-purple flowers and beautiful dusted toothed leaves. It likes a well-drained spot outside, even with a little shade, or makes a nice potful for an unheated conservatory or cold greenhouse. The milder weather this week is bringing lots of things on, so pop up and see what’s on offer (but don’t forget your coat!)

Posted by Slack Top on 03/16 at 08:10 AM in Nursery news