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  • Cloud pruned

Cloud pruned

Many of the established trees and shrubs in our garden started off 25 years ago as very small plants, and are now substantially different! One or two of the larger specimens have now become rather overgrown and due to their form, lend themselves rather well to a topiary technique known as 'cloud pruning'. It's a new technique to us, so we tentatively began experimenting on a Chamaecyparis cultivar, with quite good results. We've moved on, this winter, to a rather larger project – a Juniperus pfitzeriana located next to the L-shaped pond – which had begun to overgrow the paths quite radically and needed some attention. Whereas the Chamaecyparis lent itself to 'ball-shaped' clouds, the Juniperus naturally grows in a more elongated form so that is the shape of its new 'clouds'. It's a big specimen but hopefully it will be completed by the time the nursery reopens in March.
Posted by Slack Top on 31/01 at 05:37 PM in Garden news