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  • Essential tips for alpines in heat
  • Essential tips for alpines in heat

Essential tips for alpines in heat

The current heatwave is giving us gardeners a very busy time trying to keep our plants watered and happy. Alpines being comparatively shallow rooted can soon suffer in these hot dry conditions, particularly when in a container or trough where the soil volume is comparatively less. Obviously keeping them well watered goes without saying but also have a good layer of chippings on the surface to help with cooling the soil and water loss. Shading your plants is also a huge help - netting or even a parasol!l - anything will do to keep the heat off. This is particularly important with new plantings when plants are under stress already and appreciate some help to get them established. Some types of alpines in particular can suffer in very hot weather especially if newly planted - these include those with lots of foliage, small cushion types particularly Androsace, Saxifraga and Dianthus. 

With hosepipe bans on the horizon, it is best to water plants by hand on an evening so that the water can be absorbed by the soil and plants rather than being evaporated in hot sun.

Posted by Slack Top on 30/06 at 07:46 AM in General news