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Lewisias crevice

Welcome to the Alpine Sweet Shop… midget gems as far as the eye can see!

A massive thank-you to all our customers for keeping us in business through the ongoing pandemic. We extend our best wishes to you all – keep safe through these challenging times and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Apologies to our valued EU customers but due to the Brexit fiasco, it is no longer viable to supply plants to EU countries. However we will always be European in our hearts!


IMPORTANT: You can either select your own plants or order one of our lovely Collections. If you specify your own varieties, we will only process orders which specify that we can send substitutes in the event of a choice not being available. 

You will receive some of the best alpine mail order plants available, all beautifully packaged. Current delivery times with Parcelforce are 24-48 hours in transit... so very quick!

On sending your order you will receive an automated Order Confirmation by email (if not, then one of the boxes on the form hadn't been completed fully so you will need to complete the form again). Once you have an Order Confirmation your order is definitely with us. 

You will then hear from us in due course, either by phone or text, regarding payment, which can be taken by bank transfer ideally (or card/cheque if necessary). 

All the best, keep safe 
Alli and Michael


We have specialised only in alpines for over 30 years, and offer one of the widest ranges of unusual alpine plants in the UK - things that you definitely won't find at garden centres!

All our plants are propagated at our nursery from seed, cutting or division. Once rooted, everything is grown outside in (very!) fresh Pennine air and is fully hardy (apart from a few more tender plants that prefer some protection from the wet.) We also make our own loam compost (none of that multi-purpose rubbish for our little alpines). Most of our plants are supplied in 7cm or 6cm pots as they are grown to be lean and tough (not like the massively overfed 4" potfuls from garden centres).



Tatton close up Slack Top Rock Garden in June Trough

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Please note that where marked, AGM dentoes Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.

[P] denotes poisonous if eaten, [SI] denotes possible skin irritant.

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