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  • 2017 Plant List now READY ONLINE

2017 Plant List now READY ONLINE

We've just completed our new alpine Plant List for the coming year.

You can view it in two ways:

1. The best way is to visit our website which is updated daily with current availability. All the lovely new items are now listed (you can search the new items by entering NEW! on our website search)

2. Request a printed copy of the list by sending us an A5 SAE with 2 first or second class stamps.

The plants are available from the nursery when we reopen in March, or via mail order all year. Some things are not ready until later in spring and these are marked on the printed list by '^', and once the releant 'buy now' button is activated alongside the plant on the website.

Posted by Slack Top on 08/12 at 11:44 AM in General news