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  • Alpine colour for late summer
  • Alpine colour for late summer

Alpine colour for late summer

Have all your alpines flowered in spring? If your garden needs a colour boost for late summer then pop up this weekend... we have lots of fabulous late flowering alpines on offer. Currently in full flower are Crepis incana (pink dandelions), Erigeron 'Canary Bird', Calceolaria tenella, Lewisias, Dryas suendermanii, Allium flavum and Allium amabile, Delosperma ashtoni, Gentiana saxosa, Arenaria montana, Gentiana septemfida (one of the easiest gentians) ... to name but a few. And to take your garden colour well into autumn why not add a splash of colour with deep red Sedum 'Dragon's Blood' or purple leaved Sedum 'Bertrum Anderson', the bright red flowers of Zauschneria 'Dublin', the white berried Sorbus fruticulosa, or the soft pink plumes and lovely autumn foliage tints of Persicaria vaccinifolia. Its fine to carry on planting until the end of September but remember that the nursery closes at the end of this month (although you can still visit in September by prior appointment) and reopens on 1 March 2013. Meanwhile, if you'd like us to keep in touch, please sign up for our newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. ATTENTION: Couple from Retford near Sheffield who visited the nursery on Saturday 11 August please can you get in touch with us ASAP.
Posted by Slack Top on 10/08 at 09:36 PM in General news