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  • Alpines from around the globe
  • Alpines from around the globe

Alpines from around the globe

The indoor alpine display is looking particularly stunning at the moment, so make sure you don't miss it! Some of the highlights include Haberlea rhodopensis which grows on shady cliffs in Bulgaria. From further afield comes Lewisia cotyledon, which originates in the Rocky Mountains in the USA. In the wild it has pale pink flowers but we have some wonderful colours available - ranging from pale yellow, through tangerine and cerise pink. We find Lewisias are great for growing in strawberry pots, or in a rock garden with good drainage. Always a show stopper, Zaluzianskya ovata has gorgeous, white with red-backed, evening scented flowers. It is an easy spreading alpine and pretty hardy, coming from the mountains of South Africa. All are currently on sale at the nursery, along with a huge range of other goodies, and lots in the garden is coming into flower now too. Hope to see you very soon.
Posted by Slack Top on 15/05 at 09:59 PM in Nursery news