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  • Don’t miss the Celmisias in flower

Don’t miss the Celmisias in flower

The Celmisia semicordata 'Slack Top Hybrids' are currently in full flower and looking really spectacular around the rock garden at Slack Top. They have been in flower for several weeks and will continue to provide a beautiful display for a few more weeks to come hopefully, after which their silvery foliage will continue to be attractive without the bonus of the large daisy-like flowers. Coming from New Zealand's mountains, they like a moist but well-drained soil and dislike drying out. They'll grow in sun or part shade and are a good container plant too. We have plenty of small Celmisias currently for sale at the nursery in 7cm pots, and there will hopefully be some larger ones in a month or so.
Posted by Slack Top on 15/06 at 09:52 PM in Garden news