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  • Help us recycle

Help us recycle

We don't use any plastic bags for plant purchases here at Slack Top nursery. Instead, since we began in 1985, we recycle cardboard boxes by making them into exact size alpine plant carriers. Michael is particularly expert at this, as he has probably made tens of thousands by now! Hebden Bridge was actually the first town to go plastic-bag free in around 2007, so we're supporting that initiative too. Obviously we can't make up boxes at shows and plant fairs so there we use biodegradable carrier bags. As a new trial, you can also bring back a few of our plastic pots occasionally so we can recycle those also - but please only bring our 7cm, 9cm or 1litre pots, as some types of plastic melt when they go into our sterilizer. We'll be reviewing the success of this trial so we'll let you know the results in a couple of months. Thanks for your support to help us be as green as we can!
Posted by Slack Top on 01/06 at 10:26 PM in Nursery news