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  • ‘Indoor’ gardening
  • ‘Indoor’ gardening

‘Indoor’ gardening

With what seems to be increasingly wet weather you may be tempted to take alpine gardening ‘indoors’ for your own comfort, if not the plants! From a simple cold frame to small polytunnel, unheated conservatory to domestic greenhouse with extra ventilation, there are a number of ways to keep the worst of the weather off and enjoy your plants under cover when it’s too wet to be in the garden. Starting at around £400, a small greenhouse is a good option for indoor gardening. If you’re not keen on growing in pots, then build some beds and create an indoor rock garden which needs very little attention. No heating is required for growing alpines, just plenty of ventilation. This can be provided by leaving the door open and maybe replacing a couple of panes of glass with simple louvre windows, together with some simple net shading to protect from hot sun in spring and summer (chance would be a fine thing!). A polytunnel with doors left open for ventilation might be another option. Comprehensive advice on growing under cover is contained within our book ‘Alpines – An Essential Guide’.
Posted by Slack Top on 19/02 at 07:45 AM in General news