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  • Keeping busy over winter
  • Keeping busy over winter

Keeping busy over winter

Wondering what we've been up to over winter? Well the list is literally endless but has included plenty of alpine seed sowing and also taking cuttings which will hopefully all root and make gorgeous little plants for the coming season. There's always plenty to do outside - trimming up over 300ft of beech hedging around the nursery for one thing as left unchecked, it can put on at least a couple of foot each year and soon blocks out a lot of light from the growing areas. We've been keeping the bird feeders stocked in anticipation of the winter weather arriving but it hasn't done as yet. Our feathered friends have not been as numerous as previous years but we think it is because the milder weather allows them to feed naturally rather than have to reply on the feeders. The Jay has been happy because it can remove all the peanuts on the bird table with no competition! There will be plenty of new alpine features to see in the garden when we reopen on 1 March. We've built two new raised beds (see photo) using the stone that was left over from building the house. The smaller bed is planted up and the larger one has some preliminary planting but there will be more to do in spring. We also built a new 6'x4' crevice garden last summer which should be taking shape this coming spring and a few little Saxifraga are already in flower. Our new Plant List is now here on the website so take a look at the goodies for 2014 - we have around 55 new introductions on the list (all marked) and lots of old favourites too!
Posted by Slack Top on 23/01 at 06:23 PM in General news