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  • Superb range of summer flowering alpines
  • Superb range of summer flowering alpines

Superb range of summer flowering alpines

It is the best time to see the garden for the next few weeks as it is brimfull of gorgeous summer flowering alpines, most of which we also have for sale. One photo shows our raised wall in full flower with Erodium, Linum capitatum and highly scented Dianthus 'Slack's Cerise'. The other photo shows a very shallow stone trough filled with different Sedum (Golden Queen, Dragon's Blood, Coca Cola and Bertrum Anderson). Sedum are a really good choice for a shallow trough as they can tolerate it getting a bit dry, and they have a long period of interest, with flowers in late summer-autumn.

If your alpine garden is a bit short on colour at the moment then there are lots of wonderful summer flowering alpines to choose from on the nursery sales benches including: long flowering Dianthus 'Whatfield Can-Can' and Dianthus 'Slack's Cerise' (both highly scented), Erigeron karvinskianus, Geranium sanguineum striatum (pale pink), Linaria sp. Red form and Sisyrinchium 'EK Balls' (purple-blue, non-seeding). Epilobium glabellum, a perennial favourite, is just coming into flower too and can be cut back to encourage two further flowerings. Phlox 'Spring White' is a new one for us this year and looks really good, making a compact mat and great for a rockery. Dierama pauciflorum is also just starting to flower with its gorgeous pink 'angel fishing rod' flowers on stems only around 20cm (8") tall - a must-have for any rockery or raised bed. The stunning large pink flowers of Silene elizabethae are also out now making a striking addition to an alpine planting. And finally, the diminutive Thalictrum kiusianum with its beautiful frothy purple flowers can easily fill a trough and flowers for months on end. 

A couple of other slightly larger growing summer choices are the wonderful Harlow Carr Hybrid candelabra primulas which are coming into flower just now too in their rainbow colours, and Corydalis 'Kingfisher' - both suitable for moist soil in light shade.

All the above are available from the nursery, and most also via mail order (except the Primulas and Corydalis which are currently too large to post). 

Posted by Slack Top on 25/06 at 08:10 PM in General news