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  • The best time to visit!
  • The best time to visit!

The best time to visit!

Just to let you know that the sales benches at Slack Top are now fully stocked to overflowing with all sorts of alpine goodies for your rockery or containers - someone described it this weekend as like 'being a kid in a sweetshop'! Everything from Antenaria to Zaluzianskya is on display waiting for a good home. We've got the beautiful Primula Harlow Carr hybrids coming into flower and on sale, along with some exciting new giant saxifrages - Slack's Supreme and Slack's Sensation. Its a really great time to visit now as the garden is looking fantastic too, and will continue to do so from now right through until around the end of August - alpines are certainly not just for spring. We can offer plenty of advice on alpines that flower right through the summer too, so you get a great summer of perennial colour to go with your barbecue!
Posted by Slack Top on 01/06 at 10:39 PM in General news