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Wait until Spring.. unless you have a cold greenhouse

Our online shop will be open from Sunday 28th February. In the meantime you can still view our plants but the ‘add to list’ function is temporarily disabled, so it is not possible to place an order.

We had actually opened the shop on 1 February but the weather up here at nearly 1000ft is proving difficult. Our plants are either under snow or frozen to the ground, and the forecast for the next few weeks looks like more of the same, so we’ve decided to re-open at the end of this month instead.

The weather and soil is usually still really cold until April, so unless you have a cold greenhouse or coldframe to grow alpines in over winter, it is best to wait until Spring before starting any planting in the garden. That way the plants will get their roots down into warm soil and get off to a much better start.

Particularly in the North, it is a good idea to give alpine container planting some winter protection if you can, to prevent them from getting too wet. Do this by erecting a 'roof' of perspex or glass, propped up on rigid wire corner supports (or bricks if a larger container).

Posted by Slack Top on 12/10 at 10:09 AM in General news