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  • Winter update

Winter update

As the weather turns cooler and wetter, we've covered some of our alpine troughs as we have such a high rainfall here (sometimes as much as 65 inches or 1700mm annually). It can be done simply with a piece of perspex or glass supported on bricks or concrete blocks (for larger areas) or on strong wire supports to protect smaller troughs or individual plants. It keeps the worst of the wet off the plants but still allows air and light in. If the soil was damp when the cover was positioned, no further watering should be required until spring (check occasionally by scraping a small section of gravel back and see if the soil is dry). If the cover may be lifted in strong winds, make sure to weight it down with a brick or similar. It may not look great but it does the trick! Little colour remains now in the alpine garden but this Aster ericoides v prostrata is still looking wonderful. Here it starts flowering in October and was still in full flower when this photo was taken on 13 November. It can be vigorous but makes good ground cover and extends the season of interest.
Posted by Slack Top on 13/11 at 01:07 PM in General news